25 DISASTROUS Marketing Fails That Actually Happened

You will not believe some of the most disastrous marketing fails that actually happened! We’re sure that these marketers were expecting different results. Unfortunately for them, the result was a worst-case scenario. Check out the 25 most disastrous marketing fails that actually happened.

Marketers do things to try and get you (the consumer) to buy their products, see their celebrity, or attend their events. Sometimes though, the things that marketers do to get your attention backfires in the epic of ways. Check out some of the most horrible marketing fails (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which marketing fail you think is the worst:


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Some of the marketing fails you’re about to see are insane. Take the God of War II marketing fail for example, to produce buzz for the new game they used the dead carcass of a goat. You won’t believe what they did with it. Then there’s the ad for Lipitor with a person claiming to be a Dr. It turns out, the doctor on the commercial was not a real doctor at all and Pfizer was investigated for malpractice. There’s also Holiday Inn’s Super Bowl ad which equated the changes in their company to the changes of a transsexual. As you can imagine, it was poorly received. Wait until you learn about the marketing fails of Just For Feet, Digiorno, U2, Walmart, and more! These are 25 disastrous marketing fails that actually happened.

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